Acceptance Policy

We accept children of all races, gender and religion from ages 2 thru Kindergarten and they do not have to be “potty trained”. 


 Parent-Teacher conferences are held on request. 

School Picture

With an advance notification given to the parents prior the “Picture  Day” children are being photographed at our school twice a year. 


Our school is open for parent’s visits at any time. Parents are invited to come and observe their children in the classroom. 

Snacks & Lunch

We serve morning and afternoon nutritional snacks consisting of crackers, fruits, vegetables, and real fruit juice.

In case of emergency

The staff at our school is trained in CPR and Emergency First Aid. Each  classroom is equipped with a First Aid Kit. The Safety Drills are held periodically with Earthquakes Drills on a quarterly basis and Fire Drills every month. In the event of an  earthquake, parents may experience a limited ability to contact the center by the telephone, therefore staff will remain with the children until they are picked up by an adult designated on children’s Emergency Cards. 

We encourage all Parents to get involved and to ask the teacher  about their child’s progress and to voice concerns. We welcome if  parents offer their time, talents and donations of any form to the  classroom. We also encourage them to attend Piedmont Hills Montessori School functions and advocate on behalf of all children.